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Andy Frasco & The U.N.

Im Studio von FAR HORIZONS entstehen 2 Live DVD im Bluesrock Bereich! Aufzeichung August 2016 in Süddeutschland
DVD 1.: Andy Frasco & The U.N. are an American blues rock band formed in Los Angeles, 2007.
The band consists of Andrew Frasco (lead vocals, keys), Ernie Chang (saxophone), Shawn Eckels (guitar, vocals) and a consistently rotating and evolving cast of additional band members to form the U.N. To date, the band has released five studio albums Love, You’re Just Too Expensive (2010), Road Life Revival (2012), Just a Good Ole Time (2013), Half a Man (2014), and Happy Bastards (2016). +++ Andy Frasco & the U.N.’s performances have been described as a „boisterous blend of harmonic funk and jazzy influences, all topped with boundless energy“. Frasco frequently calls additional guest musicians to join his band on stage during sets, as well as fans. Shows are highly improvisational featuring impromptu “battles” between band members, who graciously hop off stage into the crowd to contest their instrumental fortitude against one another in a sporting display of individual musicianship. Frasco’s shows are also highly interactive, often stopping the show to speak directly to audience members, as well as invite people in the audience up on stage.

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